Raised Flooring Solutions

Hampshire Access Floors offer advanced raised flooring solutions throughout the South for offices, data centres, retail, hotel and leisure facilities.  We design, supply and install elevated floors that hide essential power, data and telecom cables from the public eye.

The modern business has complex computer networks and extensive technology linking to numerous outputs resulting in a multitude of cables and wires.  These cabling systems need to be conveniently accessible while remaining hidden, flexible and safe.

Our experienced team offer complete raised flooring solutions for every environment from corporate headquarters and shared office space to computer rooms, hotels, shops, gyms and even luxury homes.

High quality floor coverings can also be added in a range of attractive finishes. Finishes include carpet, ceramic, natural stone, wood, laminate, marble, granite, rubber and vinyl to complement existing interior.


Our raised access flooring contractors plan, supply and install the perfect solution to refurbishment or reconfiguration of spaces with minimum disruption.

Office Raised Floor System

A modern office environment will likely have extensive computer networks, security, telephone systems, teleconferencing, television and video systems amongst other cabling systems that need to be concealed.

Raised floor systems create a void to hide and route cables, wiring and electrical supplies.

We provide a complete raised flooring solution to meet the individual project requirements from consultation and initial survey to supply and installation through to maintenance and inspection.

Our raised access floors take into consideration all of your staff and client requirements to create a better flexible and sustainable work space.

Raised Access Flooring Contractors For:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Business Centres
  • Call Centres
  • Educational Facilities
  • I.T. and Data Centres
  • Council Buildings
  • Retail & Department Stores
  • Computer Rooms
  • Hotels and Leisure Facilities
  • Residential Homes

We offer raised flooring solutions for projects of any size.


For advice and guidance on your raised access flooring project, speak to our highly experienced experts. We pride ourselves in cost-effective, high quality workmanship.

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Computer Flooring and Data Centres

Data centres, computer and server rooms require adaptable raised access flooring that will withstand heavy movable equipment, deliver efficient air distribution and allow quick and easy access to the void.

Computer rooms and data processing environments use sophisticated I.T. systems with a huge number of data cables.   Raised access floor systems create a flexible void to house and distribute power and cabling in a secure and reliable way.

The load-bearing floor panels are laid in a horizontal grid supported by adjustable vertical pedestals.  The panels allow for quick access and have the ability to adapt for future requirements.

Retail and Leisure Raised Flooring

Hotels, gyms and retail spaces use raised access flooring as it’s flexibility allows for practical shop floor changes as well as avoiding any trip hazards to their customers. 

Flooring systems come in a range of interchangeable finishes including ceramic, wood, carpet and vinyl to create beautiful feature shop flooring and reception areas.

Hampshire Access Floors are an independent raised access flooring company. We work with our clients to find the system and solution which best fits them and project requirements.